On Exits


The Last Bookstore Art & Rare Books Annex, June 2015
© Eleanore Studer

Browsing through the Instagram feed for my day job, I scrolled past a photo of a now-familiar — and freshly former — workplace of a dear friend, and the feeling it left me with was unexpectedly reflective. I had visited it many times, and yet something about photographs of it taken now made it appear somehow slightly different to me. It reminded me of a sensation that really only seems to announce itself once someone vacates a space, and how that can change it in our eyes, if only in ways apparent to none but those of us who have a personal connection to them. The core of this sensation is a large part of what informs the assignment of human significance; the creation of memory.

I can only describe it as the impression that people of significance to you… infuse the places they occupy with their spirit, and when they leave them, you inevitably find them wanting in some way, without their presence.


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