Don’t forget,
There is no version of the story
You told yourself that was ever true.

Don’t turn around,
There was never anything to turn back for.
Your anger that day was real,
And had more than enough reason to be.

Whichever version of the truth you choose:
Never good enough, never wanted, never needed, never worth the effort…
One or all were and still are true;
There’s no need to turn back to check; you know.
You already know.

Just keep walking.
You have nowhere to go, but you are coming from nowhere, too.
Glancing back over your shoulder won’t make that space any less empty, and all you threw into it any less of a waste.

No one is behind, and no one is waiting;
Alone is alone, and all you’ve ever known,
So just keep walking.
When there is no one expecting you,
After all,
There’s no need to hurry.
Don’t forget.